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Used in stair and ramp areas, powder-coated aluminum pipe handrails are needed in almost any building project. An attractive, strong, and long-lasting alternate to steel or wood, our powder-coated aluminum pipe handrail is CAD drawn, bent to fit, and professionally installed. Our powder-coated aluminum pipe handrails are engineered to meet current IBC code requirements for lateral load and point loading.

Aluminum pipe railing offers many benefits for residential and commercial buildings. Whether used as handrails on stairs or as a safety measure, aluminum tube railing provides stability, sturdiness, and low maintenance requirements. Many homeowners and business owners find pipe railings useful for outdoor areas, including stairs, walkways, and decks.

While most deck railing follows a vertical style, horizontal deck railings are also becoming increasingly popular. Visually dramatic, horizontal deck railings often require less installation time and have a lower price tag. American Railworks LLC brings expert pipe deck railing design, fabrication, and installation to Lynnwood, WA, and the surrounding area.

Benefits of Installing Our Aluminum Pipe Railing

When considering the most suitable material for your pipe railing, aluminum gives you a wide variety of options and benefits over other types of railing:

Stands the Test of Time

Aluminum pipe railing can endure any weather condition and look the same every year. Hot or cold, wet or dry, aluminum rails won't rust, corrode, or mold, regardless of the elements. Aluminum's durability makes it a prime choice for any home or business.

Strong but Lightweight

While steel handrails have an excellent reputation, steel weighs more than aluminum due to being 250% denser. The lower weight of aluminum rails makes them the right option for concerns about putting additional stress on flooring, stairs, or surfaces. Although it's more lightweight, aluminum offers the same strength and durability as steel.

Fast and Easy Installation

When installing most types of metal pipe handrails, the process often involves multiple rail pieces, fasteners, bolts, and a healthy amount of welding. Aluminum tube railings require significantly fewer pieces and less time to put in place. In addition, the smaller investment of materials and time makes aluminum railing an attractively affordable option.

Custom Designs

You can easily shape aluminum railings however you wish, offering unlimited options for how you want your rails to look. The smooth, powder-coated finish on your rails gives them a modern edge while remaining functional. You can use handrail pipes to guide people around the pivots of a tight staircase, carefully separate passersby from dangerous machinery, or match multi-level decks or floors.

Safe for Everyone

With no magnetic charge or chance of creating a spark, aluminum rails work great for factories, foundries, and other manufacturing and refining environments. Other safety features include the absence of exposed fasteners and tamper-free connections. Additionally, the powder coating on your aluminum rails won't chip, peel, or crack like liquid paint.

Where Can Handrails Be Installed?

Structures Requiring Legal Compliance

Depending on the use of your building, different ADA (American Disability Act) and legal safety compliances dictate the need for handrails. Some of these structures include:

Industrial Buildings

Keeping employees and visitors safe from dangerous equipment, chemicals, and other hazardous materials saves you from legal trouble and company morale issues. Some industrial buildings that benefit from handrails include:

Multi-Family Residences

Buildings providing homes to multiple families often have stairwells, decks, and exterior walkways. Keep residents safe from falling with handrails at these types of facilities:

Public or Near-Public Buildings or Spaces

Buildings or spaces that welcome people for public, religious, or educational purposes should provide safety rails around mezzanines, upper floors, water features, roofs, and decks. Some examples of these buildings include:

Retail Establishments

Retail buildings may need handrails to remain ADA compliant, to separate private areas from public use, or guide customers to specific spaces. Retail establishments that benefit from handrails include:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Aluminum Pipe Railing

Which Pipe Is Best for Railing?

Aluminum pipe railing won't rust or corrode. For affordable, easy-to-maintain railing, aluminum will meet your needs.

What Size Pipe Should I Use for a Handrail?

The standard size for a handrail pipe measures one and a quarter inches, and some handrails may measure as large as two inches. Your chosen size should make it easy for anyone to hold onto while reliably supporting various weights.

What Type of Maintenance Does Aluminum Pipe Railing Require?

An aluminum pipe rail requires minimal maintenance. Aluminum doesn't corrode, rust, or encourage the growth of mold, mildew, and other nasty bacteria. You may want to wipe it down every now and then if the railing doesn't see much action, but even then, it should only require light dusting.

Can I Install an Aluminum Railing at My Home?

Yes, an aluminum railing makes a great addition to any residential building. Houses can have aluminum rails installed as handrails on stairs and ramps, grab rails in bathtubs or showers, and deck or porch railings.

Does American Railworks LLC Offer Custom Railing Design?

Yes, we can customize your aluminum railing to fit any space and accommodate areas with invasive machinery.

Can I Have a Gate Installed?

Yes, American Railworks LLC can install a gate in your railing. We can also design the gate to make it match your rails.

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder-coated aluminum railings withstand the elements without peeling, cracking, or chipping as liquid-painted railings do. Instead of being brushed on like regular paint, powder coating cures to aluminum rails without leaving drips, streaks, or sagging.

Aluminum Pipe Railing Services – American Railworks, LLC

Aluminum pipe railing provides plenty of bang for your buck, including little-to-no maintenance requirements, affordable customization options, and easy installation. Call American Railworks LLC at (866) 506-3191 for your free quote on custom aluminum pipe handrail design and installation!

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