22 March, 2022

Looking for modern horizontal deck railing ideas is an excellent way to bring your outdoor space to a new level. Deck railings offer protection and style, and they can add more personality to the exterior of your home. Installing railings is essential to ensure your home is safe, especially if you live with children.

The best part about horizontal deck railing systems is that they come in different styles and options. From various materials to designs and more, the supply of modern horizontal deck railing designs offers endless possibilities that could be the cherry on top of your outdoor living space. Here is an overview of different types of horizontal deck railing and their advantages to help you decide what’s right for you.


Types of Horizontal Deck Railing

Horizontal Metal Deck Railing

When it comes to durability, metal wins the prize. With a horizontal metal deck railing, you won’t worry about it wearing out from pests or humidity. This type of railing will be able to offer your home the simplicity and sophistication it needs without compromising on long-term stability.

Fabricators create metal railings in a paneled vertical design along with other patterns and colors. Aluminum is becoming increasingly popular due to its corrosion resistance when it comes to deck railings.

Horizontal Aluminum Deck Railing

Opting for aluminum for your deck railing is another popular option for homeowners with decks and porches. Although it is a lightweight material, it’s incredibly durable for deck railing.

A massive advantage to aluminum is that it won’t rust, so you never have to worry about your aluminum railing losing its color or quality over time. If you live in an area with harsh weather conditions, aluminum would be the ideal option for you.

Horizontal aluminum deck railing is also incredibly low maintenance, so it’s great for those who don’t have much time to invest in taking care of their outdoor space. Although aluminum does not require a finish to prevent corrosion, opting for a powder-coated aluminum railing provides unmatched color options.

Modern Horizontal Aluminum Deck Railing Ideas

When it comes to modern designs, aluminum offers many deck railing solutions. Below, we discuss our favorite modern horizontal deck railing ideas using aluminum.


Aluminum and Glass Railing

If you’re looking to complement the modern aesthetic of your home or add a more modern look to a multi-family building, consider an aluminum and glass railing. Panels of glass offer a clean, attractive design and the best views from your deck or balcony. Whether you opt for a fully framed glass design or an open-top infinity railing, glass adds modern style to any facade.

If you don’t like the openness of clear glass, you can go with privacy glass panels. This glass goes through an acid-etching process, so it is no longer fully transparent. Privacy glass offers the same modern style as clear glass while also closing in the space.

You don’t have to worry about the safety of a glass deck railing. Contractors use tempered glass and sturdy framing to meet building codes and offer maximum safety.

Horizontal Bar Railing

Many metal deck railings feature vertical pickets, but horizontal bars offer a more modern style. Whether the railing lines a sizable deck, a small balcony, or a set of outdoor stairs, this simple design provides an uncluttered look and attractive symmetry that complements all housing types.

If you opt for a powder-coat finish for your horizontal bar railing, you choose from a wide variety of colors. A white railing adds a modern look to stucco exteriors, and black railings match almost every exterior design.

Woven Mesh Railing

Aluminum framing with woven mesh inserts provides another option for a modern look. If you’re searching for a unique, industrial design idea, a woven mesh railing will give just the look you need.

These railings consist of aluminum framing and woven mesh panels. You can leave the railing silver or opt for powder-coating for a truly finished look.

Perforated Panel Railing

Like woven mesh panels, perforated panels create a modern railing design with a unique look. Perforated panels close in a deck space while still offering a slight view through the railing. They give homes, apartments, condos, and more a clean, modern appearance.

Perforated railings are one of the best horizontal deck railing ideas for families with small children because they don’t offer any spaces that may trap curious little heads or fingers.

Advantages of Having Horizontal Deck Railings

Homeowners who have a deck may not see any advantage to adding a railing. However, there are quite a few essential benefits when it comes to railings, including:

  • Safety: The most obvious and beneficial reason to add a deck railing is the safety it provides. Deck railings can not only help people with disabilities but also can prevent children from falling off. A railing is always a good idea, whether for a deck that lies foot off the ground or for a tall balcony.
  • Practicality: Besides being essential safety features, horizontal deck railings are versatile and practical, providing multiple uses, such as a place to leash dogs.
  • Style: With so many designs to choose from, horizontal deck railings make stylish additions able to complement any exterior design and outdoor space.

Regardless of your property, installing a railing system can add safety, style, and practicality.

Horizontal Deck Railing Ideas – American Railworks LLC

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