5 May, 2022

Do you need stair railing ideas or inspiration for your home? Having outdated stair railing can cause your house to look uninteresting or devoid of attractive flair. With so many styles, designs, and stair railing materials you can choose from, picking the right ones will change your house completely.

Staircase railings are for functional use as both support and a barrier. Besides its purpose, stair railings carry a significant appearance to your home. It is something that your guests and yourself see every day, so you want an appealing design.

Changing the colors or adding different elements to the railings is perfect to create a style that fits your taste. The materials and carving also affect how the railings will look, so research and take your time finding the best designs.

outdoor stair railing

Different Types of Stair Railings

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron railings are made of an iron alloy. They give the staircases a classic look with their swirls and color. 

Wrought iron railings are malleable and can be designed to fit however you want. They are strong and will provide the stability staircase railings require. These railings have more than one color by coating them with the shade you want.

They typically cost more than other materials because they are custom-made. In addition, if you don’t maintain these railings properly, they will rust from the weather. It would be best to recoat and repaint the wrought iron railings periodically.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel railings are popular for commercial and industrial staircases. They are great for any environment due to a powder coating to prevent corrosion. Furthermore, stainless steel railings will give any home or building a modern and sleek look.

Steel is strong and durable. They require less maintenance and simple cleanings, such as using a sponge and detergent to wipe away dirt and debris. In addition, you can prolong the material by adding liquid paints or primers.

Even though stainless steel is durable, it can weaken in extreme heat. Steel railings are also not a good choice if you are installing a new staircase rail yourself due to its weight and required tools.


Glass is not typically used for staircase railings. However, they can still provide a protective and sturdy barrier without covering the view.


Glass stair railings make a room or area more spacious because they let natural light in. In addition, the glass comes in different types, such as frosted, clear, semitransparent, etched, or tinted.

Even though the glass railings are easy to clean, they may need regular cleaning to remove fingerprints and dirt. In addition, if installed outdoors, animals may bump into the railings, and the weather can cause it to become cloudy.

Picket Railing

The picket railing is the most popular style. Picket railing has straight vertical posts that support the handrail. The picket railing is the least expensive to make and is easy to install.

Picket Railing

After installation, it does not need much maintenance except for periodical cleaning. The great thing about picket railings is the different sizes, colors, and styles you can choose. Unfortunately, picket railing might be too common if you want a different custom stair railing design.


Aluminum has a lower density compared to other metals. It is a silver and reflective material resistant to corrosion and rust. You can find aluminum railings outside and inside buildings and homes.


Since it is lighter and easier to cut, it has many patterns and designs. Unfortunately, it is more expensive than steel and can scratch easily.


Cable railings use vertical or horizontal metal cables as a barrier. They are usually paired with steel, or aluminum. In addition, cable railings are great for durability and provide an unobstructed view.

Cable Railing

However, cable railings are more expensive than glass, or aluminum. Furthermore, depending on the city, some may not allow cable railing, so you must follow the required code.

Staircase Railings Design Ideas

  • Geometric Patterns: Geometric patterns will help the staircase look more balanced and have a unique flair.
  • Metal and Glass: Combining metal and glass is perfect for a modern stair railing. The metal adds a bold element, while the glass makes it look clean. As a result, it is ideal as a residential outdoor stair railing.
  • Beach Style: If you want to add a beach-style appearance to your home, using ropes as the railings will achieve it. It also will help your home feel chic and modern.
  • Nature-Inspired: If you have trouble coming up with a design, use your surroundings to create shapes and other textures to have a personalized railing. Perhaps you can be inspired by flowers, animals, or other natural elements.
  • Galvanized Pipes: Use unnecessary or odd items to style your railings. 

Rely on the Best Railing Business

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