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Tiger Mountain Home (Issaquah)

"The really fun challenge on this job was the removable panel."
This was a pretty standard project: Double-Top Picket on the deck and stairs, and a small cable rail with some wall-mounted handrails on the interior entry. A few complications worthy of note were the multiple directions of slope on the deck area, and the need to finish with a parallelogram on the stairs where the stringer ran into the underside of the deck. We have an in-house CAD drafter, so this was all addressed in the drafting process.

The really fun challenge on this job was the removable panel. The client has a dog who prefers to spend most of its time outdoors, so they wanted to keep the covered patio area pet-free, but wanted to have access to it from the outside stairs when guests came to visit. We discussed a variety of gate options, but really a removable panel became the only option we thought would look right.

We welded some aluminum pins and receivers to the posts, and built the panel so that it matched perfectly with its adjacent panel on the deck. It’s light and fits perfectly, and I’m pretty stoked with how it turned out.

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Railing Style: Double-Top Picket with custom removable gate panel, Stainless Steel Cable and rectangle tube Pipe Handrail
Powder-Coat Color: Black

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