12 May, 2022

An Aluminum Deck Railing offers safety and improves the overall aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. Aluminum deck railings are ideal for residential and commercial properties as they are economical, durable, and weather-resistant compared to other options such as wood or vinyl. 

However, choosing the right aluminum railing for your new deck can be overwhelming. If you are looking for deck railing  ideas and options, you’ve probably found out that the market is full of various styles, colors, and materials. So, if you want to know how to choose a railing for your deck, read on for some valuable tips. 

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Types of Aluminum Deck Railing Systems  

When remodeling or building your deck from scratch, Aluminum Deck Railings systems are the finishing touch that can breathe new life into your property. While there are various deck railing types, these are some of the most common ones you can consider for your project. 

Aluminum Picket Railings

Aluminum picket railings consist of durable and high-strength rails, pickets, and posts. These pickets are positioned vertically, making them a safe solution for almost any setting. In addition, these railings are easy to maintain, exceptionally durable, and have a long usable life. 

 Aluminum picket railings are also lightweight, making them quick and easy to install in almost any location. 

Aluminum Glass Railings

If you have a deck with a view, aluminum glass railings are the perfect option. Experts install them with an aluminum post and rail frame to achieve that minimal look, modern appeal, and sleek design. 

The glass panels can have a decorative engraving for a unique look; however, glass railings require more maintenance than picket railings to keep them looking bright and clean.

Aluminum Cable Railings

If you prefer an open design and want to enjoy your scenic vista, aluminum cable railings are an excellent option. These railings are unique because of the horizontal cable’s arrangement. You can combine them with a metal or wood frame for a traditional or modern style. 

Aluminum cable railings are easy to maintain and strong enough to withstand various weather conditions.

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Steps in Choosing the Best Aluminum Deck Railing

Follow these steps to choose the right aluminum railing for your deck:

Step 1: Determine Your Budget 

Before you choose a new deck railing, the first thing to do is to consider your finances. Talk with your partner and determine how much you are willing to spend on a deck railing. As you may assume, the costs can vary based on the material and type of fence you choose. 

Step 2: Learn About the Benefits Each Material Offers 

It is easier to decide on a deck railing when you have more information about the benefits. Considering the wide selection of potential options, it pays to know more about aluminum, wood, vinyl, glass, and iron railings. 

If you want a durable, sturdy, and easy-to-maintain deck railing, you can’t go wrong with aluminum. Unfortunately, wood requires regular staining, and glass demands constant cleaning. 

Step 3: Determine Your Deck’s Height 

When choosing an aluminum deck railing, it is easy to neglect building codes. However, ensuring your deck adheres to the local codes and regulations is essential. Measure the deck’s height and determine whether you want a handrail or a guardrail. For decks lower than higher than 30 inches, you will need a guardrail. 

Step 4: Research the Local Building Codes 

When installing top and bottom rails, you must consider various factors to ensure a successful project. Researching the local building codes is a vital step in the process. You will also want to measure the distance between rails and ensure it is safe for everyone at the property, including little children and pets. 

Step 5: Ensure Your Deck Railing is ADA Compliant 

If an employee or a member of your family is disabled, they will still want to use your new composite deck. Therefore, you need to make sure your new aluminum deck railing system is compliant with ADA standards. 

Step 6: Select Style and Color 

When it comes to choosing an aluminum deck railing, there are various styles and colors. Before you decide, consider your property style and personal preferences. Do you want to go for a luxurious look or a more simple one? Is privacy from neighbors a priority?

Based on these answers, you can choose color, post cap, and style for your new deck railing. 

Benefits of Aluminum Railings

Here are some of the main benefits of installing aluminum railings at your residential or commercial property: 

  •     Durability (resistible to corrosion)
  •     Non-ferrous material 
  •     Resistible to rust, rot, or decay 
  •     Affordable compared to wood, iron, or steel railings
  •     Quick and easy installation 
  •     Eco-friendly solutions 

Aluminum Railing Material Comparison

Use this railing material comparison to understand some essential strengths and weaknesses. 

Aluminum vs. Vinyl Railing 

While vinyl is relatively durable, it can’t match the durability aluminum offers. Aluminum has excellent hardness, making it dent-and scratch-resistant. Unfortunately, vinyl railings can yellow a few years after installation due to insufficient UV resistance. 

Aluminum vs. Wood Railing 

While wood can give you a minimal and simple look, it is susceptible to rot and deterioration due to temperature variations, which is one of its biggest disadvantages. While you can slow down the process with treatments, paints, and finishes, wood’s durability can never match aluminum’s. If you had to choose between aluminum and wood, you can’t go wrong with the first option. 

Aluminum vs. Steel Railing 

Steel and aluminum share many of the same features. In technical terms, steel is stronger and more durable than aluminum, but its biggest disadvantage is that it is susceptible to rust. While you can delay the process with coating applications, it will still deteriorate after 10 or 15 years. 


If you are ready to invest in a high-quality, durable, and easy-to-maintain deck railing, you can’t go wrong with aluminum.  Aluminum deck railings act as architectural additions to your property and keep your family and employees safe and secure. 

For a premium and affordable aluminum deck railing, call American Railworks Aluminum Railing Solutions at 866-RAILWORKS (724-5967) to get a free quote.

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